Arne Quinze’s ‘Camille’ in Rouen

Arne Quinze's 'Camille', spanning the Seine on the Boieldieu Bridge in Rouen; part of the Impressionism Festival 2010

I could go on talking about Monet for hours! I’m absolutely fascinated by this artist and by the way he painted. His paintings about his gardens in Giverny are mystical and mysterious, but also experimental and he kept studying on them. He could dive into a subject and paint it over and over to make it look exactly like the vision he had in mind. Monet was one of the first abstract painters, he was keen on experimenting and creating a new art movement. Arne Quinze

The city of Rouen is one of a number of towns and cities in Normandy taking part in one of the greatest festivals in celebration of Impressionism and the Impressionist artists in 2010. To mark this occasion in a grand way, Arne Quinze was commissioned to create an installation; he created Camille for Rouen, a tribute to Camille Doncieux, Claude Monet’s wife.

This amazing installation has been constructed out of ‘sticks’ of wood that creates a kind of canopy over the Boieldieu Bridge that spans the River Seine. The official launch of Arne Quinze’s Camille in Rouen was at the beginning of July, and it will remain in place until the end of August.

Read more about the artwork in an interview on the Irenebrination: Notes on Art, Fashion and Style website with Arne Quinze about Camilleand Rouen here. (From where the above quote from Quinze was taken.)

I took the following photographs on Bastille Day, 14 July 2010, in the afternoon and then in the evening during the spectacular firework display that lasted for some 25 minutes.

Arne Quinze's 'Camille' that spans the Seine installed on the Boieldieu Bridge, Rouen. The artwork is a tribute to Claude Monet's wife Camille Doncieux.

Arne Quinze's installation 'Camille' at sunset in Rouen.

Quinze's 'Camille' was created for the Impressionism Festival in Rouen, but was also used for the city's Bastille Day celebrations, 14 July 2010.

For Arne Quinze, 'Camille' is about building bridges: between the two parts of Rouen, divided by the River Seine, and between Impressionism and Modern Art.

Arne Quinze's 'Camille' was commissioned specifically for the Impressionism Festival in Rouen, 2010. -rouen

Quinze's 'Camille' was created for the city of Rouen to mark the Impressionism Festival, 2010.

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One comment on “Arne Quinze’s ‘Camille’ in Rouen
  1. Brian says:

    This installation really did bring some vibrant colour and new energy to an otherwise fairly mundane and static bridge. I took some photos of it at night which I think shows the energy and fun of the installation and makes it easier to see the impact. You can see them here on my blog
    The installation was only displayed until the end of August and has since been taken down.
    I miss seeing it everyday in Rouen!

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