Monet’s Garden in its Autumnal Glory

You are more likely to come across colourful photographs of Claude Monet’s garden and the waterlily pond he created in full spring or summer bloom. Autumn, on the other hand, is overlooked. And perhaps I should own up to being guilty of ignoring autumn in Giverny here on this website. Even though spring is undoubtedly my preferred season at Giverny, and while October may not be as colourful as spring or summer, autumn is also spectacular – in both the garden and on the house itself. Of course the house itself is good to see all year round.

So if you find yourself in Paris and/or Normandy in October, you should definitely consider visiting before this much loved attraction is closed to the public on 1 November for the winter season. Although October can be a tad cold, there are also bright, sunny days. And remember, should you choose to cycle or walk from Vernon to Giverny, there are a number of very good restaurants in which you can get yourself a hearty meal. The following photographs were kindly sent to me by one of my guests who visited the gardens at the end of October in 2011.

Monet's house in autumn
In October the Victoria creeper that covers Monet’s house is turning a deep rich red/burgundy colour, providing a wonderful contracts to the bright green of the wood work and the pink walls.

Monet's waterlily pond and house in autumn
Standing on the path that circles Monet’s water lily pond you get a good view over towards the house, with the colourful deciduous trees on the hill behind Giverny providing a wonderful backdrop.

The deciduous trees that surround the water lily pond look quite spectacular with their autumn colours in October.

The autumnal colours reflected on the water lily pond.

A view across the water lily pond from the Japanese bridge.

I am sure you agree, the garden and water lily pond look as good in October as at other times of the year.

Some of Monet’s later paintings of the Japanese bridge include a fiery palette of orange, yellow and brown – perhaps drawing on the autumnal colours he observed.

Claude Monet. 1918-24. Le pont japonaise. Oil on canvas 89 cm x 116 cm.
© Musée Marmottan Monet

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