How to Get to Giverny

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The village of Giverny is just north of the River Seine, under 80 km (50 miles) north-west of Paris and about 60 km from the Normandy city of Rouen. It is actually situated on a tributary of the River Seine, the River Epte, and it was on a ‘bras communal’ (communal arm) of the River Epte that Monet created his famous ponds. Giverny lies just inside the region of Normandy on the border with the Île-de-France region. Administratively, it is in the Department of Eure in the Haute-Normandie region.

Giverny is very easy to get to, from anywhere in Normandy, and just as easy from Paris. If you are planning a trip to Paris for a few days or more and want to get out into the country do consider a trip out to Giverny for the day. It will be well worth it. You could hire a car, get on a train or even choose one of a number of bus tours available.

The information below will be useful for planning your trip, or use the following link for information about Monet’s house & garden in Giverny.


It is not essential that you book in advance, but from May through to September you may have to queue for quite some time. Pre-booking allows you to avoid the queues – and so if time is important I recommend booking online.


Getting from Paris to Giverny


By Train

You will need to get a train from Paris to Vernon. From Paris’s St Lazare station (in Zone 1, a number of Métro lines go through this station – it is on the north side of the Seine), take a Grande Lignes train that goes from Paris to Rouen and Le Havre. The train will stop at the town of Vernon, which is where you will get off the train. Giverny is just 5 km from Vernon. From Vernon you can get a taxi or a bus to Giverny, or you can can walk or hire a bicycle and ride – details below.

There are trains throughout the day, but be sure to get an early train if you intend to return to Paris the same day. The journey lasts between 44 and 48 minutes, and currently costs €25 for a return ticket.

To search the train timetables online, and/or buy your ticket:

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By Car

Head out of Paris to the west of the city on the A13, sign-posted for Rouen. For Giverny, there are two exits to choose from. From exit 14 (for Bonnières) go into the town of Bonnières, cross the Seine into the town of Bennecourt, and then follow the signs to Giverny. From exit 16 (for Douains) take the D181 to Vernon, follow signs for Beauvais and Giverny and cross the Seine. Then turn right onto the D5 and follow this to Giverny.

From Mantes-la Jolie the A13 is a péage – a toll road. If you want to avoid this take the exit where instructed and follow the N13 to Bonnières, from here cross the River Seine into Bennecourt, from where you will be able to follow signs to Giverny.

Parking at Giverny is free and well sign-posted.

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Getting from Rouen to Giverny


By Train

In Rouen you will need to get a TGV service to Vernon from the station, Gare Rive Droite, above the city center on the north side of the River Seine. Getting a journey where you do not have to change trains will take about 42 minutes, and a return journey currently costs about €20.20

To search the train timetables online, and/buy your ticket:

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By Car

From Rouen, head south for the A13, heading towards Paris. On the A13 take exit 16 (for Douains) and follow the D181 to Vernon, from here follow signs for Beauvais and Giverny and cross the River Seine. Just after the bridge turn right onto the D5 and follow this road to Giverny.

Parking at Giverny is free and well sign-posted.

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Getting from Vernon to Giverny


The train station at Vernon

Giverny is just 5 km from Vernon. If you arrive by train, you can either get a taxi, catch a bus, hire a bicycle or walk to Giverny.

There is a Taxi rank at the station, so you will be able to get a taxi there. The fare from Vernon to Giverny is less than €15.

There is a shuttle service between Vernon and Giverny from the beginning of April to the end of October. The bus stops at the train station in Vernon, and costs about €4 return.

If it is a wonderful sunny day, and you are fit, an alternative to a taxi or a bus trip is to walk or cycle along a foot/cycle path that was once a train track. Bicycles can be hired from the cafés at the station. To walk or cycle to Giverny, leave the station and follow Albufera street towards the river Seine. Cross the bridge and at the roundabout, ignore the signs for Giverny (intended for vehicles), go straight over and take the first street on your right, and pass the first street on your left. A large pathway for cyclists and walkers begins a few metres along to your right. The path is almost flat as it is follows the route of an old railway line. It takes about 2 hours to take a leisurely walk. also lists Hotels in and near Vernon for you to choose from should you wish to stay close to Giverny. This is one of the World’s leading hotel comparison websites, offering great hotels that range from 1 to 5 star.

The Cafés at the train station in Vernon, from where you can hire bicycles to cycle to Giverny

The start of the cycle or foot path to Giverny in Vernon

The cycle or foot path between Vernon and Giverny, as it is a dis-used train line it is very flat.

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