Programme: Festival Normandie Impressionniste, 2013

There are over two hundred events on the programme for the Normandy Impressionist Festival, that runs from 27 April to 29 September 2013. The following is a list of those events that have been published so far; it really does look set to be every bit as good as the first festival held in the summer of 2010. Return for updates, or send me a message from the contact page to ask a specific question.

You can either scroll down this page to see the whole programme, or click on the following links to go straight to a list of those specific events:

A map below shows the locations of the various venues included in the programme (click here to go straight to the map).

Festival Normandie Impresionniste 2013 poster

Exhibitions In And Around Normandy

Paul Signac, the colours of water
29 March – 2 July, Impressionism Museum, Giverny

Hiramatsu, The Lily Pond, Homage to Monet
13 July – 31 October, Impressionism Museum, Giverny

Impressions Dior
4 May – 22 September, Musée Christian Dior, Granville

Gabrielle Morin
17 July – 15 September, Louis Philippe Museum, Eu

Victor and Adolphe Binet: Two brother-painters at the time of Impressionism
18 May – 22 September, Alfred Canel Museum, Pont-Audemer

Victor Hugo and the Sea
14 June – 15 September, Mont Saint-Michel Manuscripts Museum, Avranches

The power of water
10 May – 10 November, Vire Museum, Vire

The Cliffs of Monet, those other cathedrals
Musée des pêcherie, Fécamp

Impressionist Vernon: Vernon and the banks of the Seine at the time of the Impressionists
6 April – 2 September, Poulain Museum, Vernon

From Impressionism to Abstraction: An immersion in painting
26 June – 29 September, Fine Arts Museum, Saint-Lô

Women and the sea
29 June – 30 September, Eugène Boudin Museum, Honfleur

Reflected Colour, Impressionism and the water’s surface
27 April – 29 September, Fine Arts Museum, Rouen

A Summer at the Water’s edge! Leisure and Impressionism
27 April – 29 September, Fine Arts Museum, Caen

Léon Riesener and Beuzeval
1 June – 30 September, Castle Museum, Saint-Germain de Livet

Photographs of the Côte Fleurie
30 June – 30 September, Villa Montebello Museum, Trouville-sur-Mer

Sea, Views, Monuments: Recto and verso of the decor
22 June – 2 September, Thomas-Henry Art Museum and Centre d’art Le Point du Jour, Cherbourg-Octeville

On the same wavelength, Louis Aston Knight – Alain Fleischer
21 July – 22 September, Museum of Art, History and Archaeology, Evreux

Pissarro and the Ports: Rouen, Dieppe, Le Havre
27 April – 29 September, André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, Le Havre

Theatre & Musical Performances

Debussy by the Sea
The Orchestra of the Opéra de Rouen Haute-Normandie and the Ensemble de Basse-Normandie will be performing for the first time together in various towns and cities in both Upper and Lower Normandy

Rouen Impressionnée
28 June – 15 September, outdoor contemporary art installations, Rouen

The workshop that mixes art and water
1 July – 30 September, outdoor contemporary art installations, Caen

La Belle Nivernaise: Impressionist concert and Jean Epstein’s silent movie, La Belle Nivernaise
12 July, Arts Theatre, Rouen
9 October, Cité de la Musique, Paris
And in several other towns in Upper and Lower Normandy

Festivities & Celebrations

The Cliffs of Monet: Fringe events
27 April – 29 September, Musée des Pêcheries de Fécamp

Seine in town, scenes of life
30 June -31 August, Vernon

Painting festival
2 June, in towns and cities throughout Upper Normandy

Festival Diep, Littoral
6 July – 1 September
Castle Museum, Dieppe
Seafront, Pourville-sur-Mer
Aily Lighthouse, Sainte Marguerite-sur-Mer

Impressionist Illuminations in Cabourg
7 July – 1 September, every Sunday, Grand Hôtel Cabourg

Events With Children In Mind

22 June–22 September, CREA Science Park, Rouen

Garouste in Normandy
27 April – 29 September, in towns throughout Normandy

Terres de Paroles: Readings, performances and literary encounters in Normandy
24 May – 2 June, Étretat, Jumièges, Abbaye du Bec-Hellouin

SPLASH ! Midday to Midnight on the water
29 June, Abbaye d’Ardenne, St Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe

Map showing the locations around Upper and Lower Normandy of the various events that will make up the Normandy Impressionist Festival in 2013

View Normandy Impressionist Festival in a larger map

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